How to get 10000 money on tapped out

How to get 10000 money on tapped out

By: elpis Date of post: 22.06.2017

So i browsed through the forums real quick and didn't notice the topic. It is possible that i missed it, so I appologize if this already came up. I've been checking out other towns and asking around and it seems like stock pileing blue and or white houses gets you a good amount of cash.

Are there any other tips and or tricks to maximize profits? Right now i have about half my map full of blue houses and i just started pumping out white houses as well. It seems sending the characters on shorter missions more often seems the best way, but as i can not get on as much as i would like i swap between 12 and 24 hour quests. I've purchased a few premium items which have increased my cash output so that helps a bit.

Is there a must have building or neat trick to pile on the money? I've noticed if you are going to get premiums it helps to get the ones with characters becuase it winds up giving you more earning potential. Buy all brown houses. Lol my math was wrong. The totals are actually higher. You don't have to G that was just the max I listed I get. I never get the max myself. But I sure make more than I do with white or blue houses only. Geogiles let's say you have just 12 brown houses and got online to check them every 10 minutes in 1 hour period.

Much better than waiting 8 to 12 hours to collect you income. I would save up now for the June 13th event. I estimate you will need at least , to purchase all buildings for that event, not including decorations,land, and other objects. Yeah, it is roughly , including one of each cash decoration. Not that expensive if you ask me, but of course the land will cost money too 2 million in total but I probably won't buy it all. Do you need to buy the land and then the water also or does the land purchase give you access to the water?

I think it is land then you build on it with the new stuff. Land purchase gives access to the water. I doubt the land will be cheap.

It will range from about 30, to , Overall of course it will be expensive, but obviously you will not need all of the land right away. If there was a way to convert in-game-cash to donuts, the game would have to shut down, as EA would no longer make any more money from donut purchases. I keep my farm of 42 brown houses in the center, where the game loads up, along with 30 Kwik-E-Marts, then I built up blue houses around the perimeter of the town, leaving room to build a decently laid out town.

I wasted a few too many donuts on low efficiency profit boosting premium decorations before I finally got the Jet Engine Bike unlocked and did the math.

White picket fences are the basic profit booster and one of the first you can use. You get 3 free Burning Bush decorations as you buy land expansions and I got a few from Homer Buddahs but they are inefficient at only 0.

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I have bought Doughnuts for the game before several Golden Scratch-R tickets and a few boatloads of Doughnuts to get all the good premium buildings and characters, but now that I'm getting a decent amount from the bonus levels and while visiting neighbors, I doubt I'll buy more, unless they come out with some awesome limited time premium content that is must have. Oh, and there is a way, sort of, to buy Doughnuts with in-game cash.

When you get to the bonus levels you get a chance for Doughnuts, if you pick 1 or 2 Doughnuts you can pay 50, cash to try again, I've even done it after I missed on the second try.

Of course, I have gotten lucky and picked the box with 3 Doughnuts on the first try a few times. Which reminds me, increasing your bonus multiplier not only helps you earn more money, it also helps you level up faster, hit the level cap faster, and get more bonus levels between level cap increases I'm glad to see that when a new level is introduced and one levels up to the new level cap, the XP needed to get bonus levels resets back down to the next tier above the XP for the current level cap.

Before you go to work or school put 8hour jobs for everbody when you get home put everybody at 4 hours than before you go to bed put everybody on 8 hours and when you get up repeat. Purple pay off in 3 hrs at 75 more chance you can check in every 3 hrs. I bought All white houses. Only white houses for a while. Expanded my territory to the max and kept building. I buy and build what ever I please. When I need more room. I put some houses in storage.

When they open another row of land, I buy it and replace the homes. When you level up past the current highest level you get an option of picking the doors, you can get doughnuts depending on the door. I have realised I can collect most money from Moog.

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Yeah it keeps you engaged, but when you have some spare time, you can send others for the one-hour quests and keep sending Moog for the six-second 'In-and-Out'.

I don't know if anyone else has tried it Give it a try! I've had pretty good luck stockpiling blue houses and sending everyone on 4 hour jobs. Sometimes putting characters on 8 hour jobs is best. This is because most people sleep 8 hours. Than you could do 3 jobs per character each day. Than you make more money than 1 24 hour shift per character.

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Plus most building generate money per 8 hours. Repeating short tasks over and over again earn more and per day than doing longer ones or the 24h one.

Last Christmas I think there was the Christmas event and doing some missions you were given a costume for Moe. He's the fastest way to earn money. And with houses- the brown houses are the fastest way to do it. But for both of these you have to have lots of spare time to do them efficiently. Sure, if you don't care about losing your town than EA finds out. And unlike Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, here EA actually cares if we cheat.

They make a lot of money by selling us stupid Donuts. I am slow at doing quests so I am only just doing the level 49 task NOW!!!! And I'm on lvl. It has asked me to build googolplex as it is auto speech. Should I save up for that or carry on as normal.

Being behind a few levels is quiet normal. Most people accumulate XP faster than Cash. As for what you should buy next, I'd say that's pretty much up to what you want first.

There won't be new levels anymore, which means the price for the Googolplex won't be reduced like it used to be for other buildings once new levels got released. Thus you won't be able to save money by buying it later.

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It seems that they changed it so buying multiples of the same house causes the price of each successive one to increase. Thus, after buying brown houses, I'm out of cash and they cost more than the white houses how. If you want to maximize your Cash income, it's best to not send your characters on Springfield Heights jobs, but instead assign them their "normal" jobs that yield money.

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how to get 10000 money on tapped out

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I don't really have time to do that though. A FANDOM user But what good is In-Game money in this game except maybe to brag about how you outdid your friends! Donuts cost real money and a fortune at that. And why don't it let you buy dounuts with in game cash?

Theres an option in the store that looks as if you can but when you click it it's just the opposite and takes what dounuts you have and gives you CRAPPY USELESS CLUELESS STUPID GOOD FOR NOTHING IN GAME CASH! ITs so EA can get money. NoWayThisUsernameIsAlreadyOwnedBySomeone removed this reply because: Does developing the Heights ever start giving you cash?

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